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   GetIPDL downloads patent documents from JPO, USPTO, esp@cenet and other free patent document delivery sites. It can download texts and images. I recommend you to use it with a browser, because GetIPDL has no searching feature.


    Please don't use for indiscriminate downloading even if it can do automatically. Such an act is forbidden primarily, and if some free IPDLs would close by such an act, it may be pressed for social responsibility. Be careful that an anonymity nature of the internet is not so high. It is easy to find that you do not browse by a normal browser. Moreover, free IPDLs are offered for the small and medium-sized enterprises or individual inventors because of the purchase of patent official reports is difficult for them. If you can choose another methods, please choose it, especially, when you want to get a huge document.


GetIPDL is shareware. Some feature is protected before registration. The next is the list of limited feature. ==> Restrictions before registration.
Registration Code is provided on the following site. ==> How to get the license of GetIPDL.
Unauthorized reproduction is forbidden. Reverse enginnering is forbidden. No warranty. Please use GetIPDL on your responsibility. The author, UJIHARA Kazuya, does not have any responsibility at all, even if GetIPDL will not work.

Supported Servers and Services

The Japanese Patent Office (JPO)

United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO)

The Europe Patent Office (esp@cenet and esp@cenet version 3)

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office

    Please input a patent number into a text box and click the button under it. When downloading is successful, the downloaded files are merged into one file and opened. Please click a "Cancel" button if you want to stop downloading. The downloading will start from this point at the next time. If you do not want to use those files, please check menu -> option -> "Don't use the midway files."


     I do not show all explanation of options. The portion which has not explained is a development stage.

Patent Number

    GetIPDL supports various form about the patent number. For example,

will be accepted. For a kind code, specification nothing, specification of the alphabet of only 1 character, perfect specification, are possible. When perfect specification is not specified, what is regarded as suitable is chosen automatically.
    It corresponds also to a character sequence or the drag and drop of a link.
    If you want to input of multiple patent numbers, split patent numbers by line feed.

JPO, USPTO, esp@cenet, DEPATIS, CIPO, IP Australia, Thai, WIPO, SIPO, JPO English, EPO V3

    Starts downloading the documents specified by a patent number from the server written on the button. Moreover, downloading is also started by dropping a hyperlink on these buttons.


    Select server automatically. (not recommended)


     Downloading is interrupted.

Display on the Front.

    GetIPDL stays on the most front face. It is convenient when you specify a patent number by drag and drop feature.

Stop at front page.

    Stop downloading at front page on downloading images. This feature is valid for JPO, USPTO, DEPATIS and esp@cenet.



Delete midway files.

    GetIPDL makes some temporary files during downloading. If the downloading is canceled or failed, the temporary files are remained. The temporary files will be used on re-downloading operation. If you want to delete those files, please check it.

Page Setting

    Set the size of paper.



    Set opacities of main window. This option is valid on Windows 2000 or more.



General Processing after download The processing after the finished downloading.
Select a folder

The folder which saves the downloaded official report is chosen. According to the kind of IPDL, a sub holder is created and it saves in the bottom of it at the folder. Specification of a file name cannot be performed.

Pages limit Maximum download pages of layout image. 0 (default) means unlimited. If pages of the requested documents is more than indicated pages, GetIPDL downloads the first page only.
Show Download Report Check to show a download report after downloading.
Sound A sound when downloading is completed is set up. It can choose from the system or WAV file of Windows.
Extensions Add special items to the context menus of Internet Explorer.

Add/remove special items to the context menus, which is the menus appeared on click right mouse button, of Internet Explorer. If you added them, you could send a patent number to GetIPDL from the menu.

Enable Smart Tag.

Enable Smart Tag for patent number. Of course, this option is valid only on the system installed Microsoft Office XP/2003.

Server Settings of the kinds of contents would be downloaded from the servers.
Special Select URL of espacenet v2.
Connection Timeout Set timeout in seconds. If response of the server is too slow, you must input more longer time.

Settings of the kinds of contents would be downloaded from the servers.

IP Australia
JPO English


Download a layout.

All page downloads of the layout of an official report are carried out, and it saves as a multi-TIFF file.

Download a text Text data is downloaded. It saves in the form according to the format of the following text containing a figure.
If the text file is not available, download the layout. If the text file is not available, download the layout.
If the text file is not available, download the bibliographic data. If the text file is not available, download the bibliographic data.
Download a set of the bibliographic data. Download bibliographic data.
Always re-download bibliographic data. Always re-download newest data even if you already have it.
Layout Format Specifies a layout file format.
Download Format Specifies a image downloading method. file format.
Text Format Specifies a text file format. Please refer to the following table. Please choose HTML, if Microsoft Word 2000 or more is not installed.

A format of the text file


It saves in Text form. The character set is selected by the locale language of the OS.

HTML It saves in HTML form. Since the naming method is according to the rule of Connected Files, the parent file and child folders can be treated like one file on 5.00 or more-version Shell32.dll environments (Windows Me/2000).
Microsoft Word It saves in doc form of the version of Microsoft Word installed.
Rich Text Format It saves in rich text form.

Added special items to the context menus of Internet Explorer

Send this number.

It will send a hyperlink on the cursor as patent number to GetIPDL.

Send selected area. It will send texts in the selected area to GetIPDL.
Send this page. It will send hyperlinks, which are possible to recognize it as patent number, to GetIPDL.

Download is forced.

    When this menu is checked, even if there is a file of finishing download already, it downloads compulsorily.

Display on the front.

    It already explained.

Start Time

    The downloading will start at the time specified here.

Browse folder

    A download folder will be opened.



 Open this page.

Get License

 Show a dialog box to input a registration code of your GetIPDL license.

Remove License

 Remove license info from your PC. PowerUser privilege is required.


 Show a version number of GetIPDL, a license class among others.


How to Set Proxy Server Address

Fundamentally, GetIPDL uses the proxy used by Internet Explorer. The proxy server address is stored in the registry whose key name is
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
and the value name is
. If you have a problem about proxy sever, set a proxy server address manually. (For example,, and so on.)

    If you found some bugs or have some claims, please mail me. Please contain 'GetIPDL' in the subject. The mails sent from a free mail like can be SPAM.

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