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How to Try

Several software are required to execute GetIPDL. Check GetIPDL web site to know what you need.

You can download GetIPDL software from GetIPDL web site. Download and unzip GetIPDL archive, and then execute Setup.exe to install GetIPDL. After installation, GetIPDL icon will be generated on your Desktop. Click the GetIPDL icon to lauch GetIPDL.

Limitations before registration

  • Downloading from text from JPO is limited to bibliography part.
  • Downloading image document is limited within 10 pages except CIPO and Thai IPIC. If a long document is requested, GetIPDL gives the first page instead of the concatenated document.
  • Downloading image document from CIPO gives the first page only except the patents from CA1100000 to CA1199999, which are available without any limitations.
  • Downloading image document from Thai IPIC gives the first page only.
  • Downloading multiple documents at one time is not supported.
  • It downloads some files from GetIPDL site before downloading a patent document. No data will be sent to GetIPDL site and I do not get any logs.

These limitations will be able to be changed without notice.

Copyright (c) 2001-2010 Kazuya Ujihara. All rights reserved.