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About supporting espacenet (2017-02-28)

  • We decided to suspend supporting espacenet.

About supporting a new platform of JPO (2015-05-14)

  • We decided to suspend supporting J-PlatPat, Japan Platform for Patent Information. Sorry for not responding your expectations.

GetIPDL 2.20.1 2015-01-10

Windows 7/8/8.1 support

  • This version built for .NET Framework 3.5.
  • espacenet is coming back.


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GetIPDL is shareware. Some features are limited before registration.

Table of contents

What GetIPDL does.

GetIPDL downloads patent documents from JPO, USPTO and other free patent document delivery sites. It can download texts and images. You can automatically get documents from the national IP servers in CA, JP, US from the official IP servers. Of course, it works to get the other region's documents.


  • It supports many servers.
  • The operation is very easy. Input the patent number and click a download button. That's all.
  • It can accept various type patent number forms. Then, the operations is independent of server.
  • It merges downloaded files into one file after downloading.
  • Re-download starts from the first missing page due to cancellation or bad server response.
  • You can select a text format from simple text, HTML, Microsoft Word, RTF.
  • It doesn't require the special ActiveX controls, such as Adobe Acrobat reader, AlternaTIFF. You can see images by the simple TIFF viewer.
  • Hyperlinks of the downloaded HTML text are re-linked. Then, if you browse the downloaded file, most of the hyperlinks are still valid.
  • You can send a patent number from Internet Explorer from context menu.
  • Drag and drop of the link is supported.
  • Smart Tag for Microsoft Office XP is supported.
  • You can download a text file written in Japanese from Japan Patent Office without Japanese knowledge. It is easy to translate a gotten Japanese document to any language one by automatic-translation software. By the same way, download Chinese documents from SIPO without Chinese knowledge.

The details of operations are described in a manual, And see Effective Use of GetIPDL.


  • You need one license per one computer including virtual computers.
  • Sharing this program via network is prohibited.
  • Free upgrade while the major version number is 2.
NO WARRANTY : Even if there are serious defects, such as refused a connection from IP server, cursed with computer viruses, lost all data, asked suddenly for the charge of third party's patents, I do not have responsibility at all. If this program will not work tomorrow, I do not have responsibility to care for it.

Supported Servers and Services

The Japanese Patent Office (JPO) -- Japanese font is required

  • Patent & Utility Model (image and text, Japanese)
  • Design (image and text, Japanese)
  • Trademark (image and text, Japanese)
  • Foreign Patent (image, US, EP, GB, DE, FR, CH, WO)
  • Patent & Utility Model Gazette DB (English)

United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO)

  • Patent Grants (image and text)
  • Patent Applications (image and text)

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office

  • Number Search



  • Internet connection. GetIPDL uses the same network connection with Microsoft Internet Explorer. GetIPDL does not supports firewalls require user authorization except NTLM.



  • Microsoft Word 2000/2002/2003 -- Enable to get the files as simple text format, WORD format or RTF format.

How to Install


Environments which carried out the check of operations

  • Windows 2000 Professional + Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (Japanese version)
  • Windows XP Home Edition (English version)
  • Windows XP Professional + Microsoft Office 2000 Premium  (Japanese version)
  • Windows XP Professional + Microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage (Japanese version)
  • Windows XP Professional + Microsoft Office 2003 Professional (Japanese version)
  • Windows Vista Home Basic (Japanese version)
  • Windows 7 Home Basic (English version)

How to Contact to the Author

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